Abracadabra 39 x 7′

The hilarious strugglings of Hocus & Pocus trying to get out of the magic hat



Abracadabra is a cartoon comedy series . We’re following Hocus and Pocus, two rabbits who are looking for their place in Abracadabra, an isolated city of white magical rabbits: they all have a natural talent to transform themselves in any possible object , all dreaming to appear out of the hat of the magician:  the only connection being  a magical portal. Hocus and Pocus have no talent at all. Pocus is very frustrated and is obsessed with recognition, fame and escaping Abracadabra…  even though he has no transformation skills. But Hocus,  relaxed and naïve as he can be, keeps on supporting his friend Pocus in his absurd crazy plans to get out of the city. Sometimes it can be tense between the two, definitely when Morty tries to ruin their plans, but clever rabbit Betty helps them.

Abracadabra’s image gallery :

Discover some stills of the series created by Benjamin Mutombo