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Since 2008, Magicworlds has partnered with our clients to communicate their messages with a clear, creative and bold voice. Located near Brussels, its billingual team is known not only for its quality, but also for its approachability.

We manage a great team of specialised freelancers. Ranging from copywriters, video marketers, filmdirectors, cameramen, 2D designers and animators, 3D designers, editors, motiondesigners and social media experts.


Dimitri Oosterlynck

(producer /  director  /  scriptwriter)

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney (Walt’s brother)”

The man of the situation, the founder, the producer and the friend. Experienced in the production of 2D, 3D or filmed movies since he shot his first animation movie at the age of 11, he will produce your video like if it was his last ever. Bring us the most complex product and he will be thrilled to make it simple.

You want to please Dimitri? Invite him to a bonfire, this will turn him to a boy scout again.



Jean-Marc Petit

(copywriter /  account  /  marketing manager)

« Don’t think outside the box. Think of what you can do with the box. »

Jean-Marc loves marketing, even for breakfast. Passionate of writing and born to see things differently, he will make you see your brand or product like if it was the first time you ever saw it. Unstoppable, his 20 years of experience worth gold for those who are lead to work with him.

You want to please him? Give him challenges, he loves them.


Cemil Acikgoz

(Animator 2D / Motion designer  Project manager)

What keeps me going is goals.” Muhammad Ali

Always on time and always calm, he’s the rock of our team . Plunged in comics, video games and art since his childhood, he will turn your product into an animation that will definitely blow your mind: his imagination is limitless. He has animated already more than 570 TV episodes in his short life and was also lead animator of the “Kroll of the day” and animated the 220 of them.

You want to please him? Tell him his arms are looking nice (bodybuilders love compliments!)


Sandra De Weweire


“Dream, think, dare, do”.

Meet sandra, the woman who embodies peacefulness. She is the queen in administration in any sector. We trust her with our closed-eyes.
She hates when things are not where there are supposed to be.
She loves her dog Shana, thought she always call her “Ons Micke”. (Must be a code name)

You want to please Sandra? Invite her to drink a tea with a praline, she will melt.


Nastasia Anzad

(Motion Design)

“Either I will find a way, or I will make one.” Philip Sidney

Nastasia (yes, it is spelled well, be careful there or she’ll show her fangs!) is a very enthusiast person. Graduated in journalism but passionate in motion design, that’s how she ended up here. She’s is a determined person, when she gets into a thing she’s totally in and rocks it. It is very pleasant to have her around.

When she’s not behind a computer testing new effects, she’s experimenting in the kitchen and, away from her motion design works, that can be desastrous!

You want to please her? Give her her ride to a highway station, she loves hanging there!




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